I was born in Rock Hill, SC and
graduated from the University of South Carolina with an honors degree
(believe it or not!) in Criminal Justice. I completed Basic Law
Enforcement training, in '88, at the South Carolina Criminal Justice
Academy. Since that time, I've begun to pursue another degree in  
Sociology with a concentration in Criminology and minor in Social Science. My
greatest career honor; however, was graduating in December 2012 from the FBI
National Academy, Session 251. My son, Michael, is now 28. Recently, I have
discovered (1) that you can't wash whites and colored towels together with Clorox
because it turns everything pink and (2) "cream of chicken" soup really isn't that
bad straight out of the can.
Since '99, I have been given the opportunity to
play music over much of the U.S It has allowed
me to go places and see things I would have
not been able to otherwise. One of the
greatest benefits has been making so many
wonderful friends, but it's always sad to say
I became an officer with the Rock Hill
Police Department in '88 and remained
there until '01. I worked in various
capacities including Patrolman, Master
Police Officer, and Sergeant. Most of
my time there was spent as a road
officer... until... I made the Chief mad
and was transferred to the Detective
Division. I am now proud to serve as
the Assistant Chief for a state police
agency, supplementing my regular
duties as a Master Instructor at our
police academy. I'm indeed proud to
say that I've spent the best years of my
life working to be the best "yes man"
money could buy.
I certainly don't have much free time
and, therefore, I don't have many
hobbies. I do, however, enjoy dealing
with undependable  people...
occasional, marginally- irritating
unsolicited vocal
tales of woe...people who leave the cap
locks on... bosses that require
unnecessarily taxing amounts of
self-affirmation... talking to my
imaginary friend...unsolicited advice...
anonymous letter writers... slow drivers
in the fast lane... impatient
people... getting shot at... cheese
puffs, warm buttermilk, castor oil, and...
best of all... spending
other people's money.
Ken is a veteran
bluegrass musician whose singing
style is reminiscent of first generation bluegrass
musicians.  Ken has
traveled extensively throughout the
U.S.performing for receptive crowds
at many of the nation’s larger
bluegrass venues. Ken is a BMI affiliated
songwriter and performs and records with his '54
Martin D-28 and '53 Martin D- 18, guitars. The
'54 was purchased several years ago from John
R. Bowman. John played the
instrument while a member of  
Allison Krauss and Union Station.